A Moment of Contemplation!

If you had a choice knowing the statistical outcome of decisions, but this time You only have only two options; Yes or No. That’s it! You can decide to explore the option of curiosity, which leads you to another decision, same option; Yes or No. The imaginary results favor a negative outcome 70% to 30%. Will your curiosity continue to flourish, no matter the outcome or Will you take the No path?

Curiosity comes in many forms, I enjoy rating the outcome. If it’s something I’m willing to put off, eeeeeehhhhhhh. Hope I spelled that right. I’m still adjusting to emoticons also, that’s another story altogether. I’ve always been a curious person, and still remain that way today. Only you know how much you really want to learn or experience, of course within all moral and government laws! Knowing the outcome doesn’t change anything, It’s all those Yes and No in between the End, and I. Have you ever put yourself after the goal line?

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