Social Problem; HUD CUTS

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. I’ve been away focusing on research, writing, and school. I’m sure somewhere in each and every person’s life there are issues that you’re aware of, and some you’re not. I’d like to discuss a social problem that will eventually affect you one way or another. Whether it has to do with a physical home or the exploitation of workers. Sometimes we get caught up in our lives and forget that there are long term and short-term consequences, good and bad, directly and indirectly. Most people are taught to live in the here and now, but what about our future generations? The sad thing is that they’ll have to clean up the mess were creating. There are extensive social problems and trying figure out where to start can be overwhelming, so the question I will start with is; What will happen when more and more people when they can’t afford to maintain their homes? Stability is the best place to start, and that begins with a good home. I was doing research on the housing and homelessness issues in America, and surprisingly the numbers decreased, but are they deceptive? Here are some statistics from;
“Between 2007 and 2017, homelessness decreased overall and across every major category of homelessness nationally. Overall homelessness decreased 14.4 percent. The most dramatic decreases in homelessness have been among veterans (34.3 percent), individuals experiencing chronic homelessness (27.4 percent), and people living in unsheltered locations (24.6 percent).”
When I see rhetoric such as “decreased” or “most dramatic decrease”, I can’t help to have a positive outlook on our society. The numbers are still high, but what are some causes of homelessness? And is our government adding to the problem? I’m sure we all can speculate on the most common causes, for instance; unemployment or lack of jobs in your area, medical issues, personal problems such as divorce, and if you do work, maybe you’re only getting minimum wage to support your family. What if you are a single mother or father that depends on HUD?
This creates multiple problems in itself. The concern that I have; who can we depend on as a whole society when our issues continue to accumulate? I happen to stumble upon an article which will just add to the homelessness problem eventually, not only individuals, but families. Families that depend on certain vouchers from the state or federal government to help keep a roof over their head, and food on their tables are going to suffer. Right now, the federal government is planning to cut the HUD budget in Pennsylvania and across the United States. Here is some information from;
“On February 12, 2018, the Trump Administration released its Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Summary. Based on HUD data, we estimate that Pennsylvania will lose $528,766,476 annually as a result of the proposed HUD budget cuts. In addition, the cuts could impact up to 67,528 households per year.”
What will this do to the future of Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States? There is no root to any of these social issues, because the myriad of problems will continue to build, creating a perfect storm. As a country we continue to put a band-aid on our social problems or completely ignore them. Our problems will only continue to worsen, we need proper policies to help protect American’s who need it. Should desperation exist in America, especially in keeping a roof over people, and food on their tables?

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