Her Wrenching Pain of Love

She once felt true love as her battle with the demons of shame and loneliness kiss her on the lips with each dreadful step. The light of peace grows further away as her mind drifts to the isolated fondness of death.

She dreams of a touch that will warm those cold veins that flow beneath her skin. A dagger of words stick upon her back, the glue of toxic despair from the lips of others, in a time where humanity left her behind.

She crawls toward the light that keeps drifting away, and her blue eyes fill with tears of happier times. She reaches out, only to find herself alone again in the trenches of life, while others around her smile with blindness.

The ones she thought she knew, continue to skip on the path of redemption in the hollow footsteps they call truth.

She knows the truth, but somehow it drowns her in those sea of tears that fall from her broken face. Alone, every night she prays for the pain to rise and leave her weightless with the joy of happiness.

Lost, because the broken words of man crack the whip, bruising her ever gentle love, she once looked forward to giving. Now her soul has been shattered, and her true love lays under the cold dark blanket, waiting for her radiance to shine once again.

He must wait an eternity for them to touch hands, and feel her warm embrace. When they meet, the magnetic moment lifts the wrenching pain of the past as their closeness brings an emotional orgasm of happiness.




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