A Wall to Remember? The Stigmatic Immigrant


Walls were meant to be broken. Just take a look at history. A way to control and use propaganda of false hope to the people of America; containment doesn’t equal safety. What’s your real intention? Is this the symbol we want America to have when our great-great grandchildren learn about in the history books? The Melting Pot of the world will become obsolete. Why don’t you just float Lady Liberty into the ocean. I am a proud American and will always be ready to stand-up for this country; for those who can’t, the ones that are being treated unfairly and unjustly. This list can go on, but I want to stay on point.

If that wall goes up, all that does is put a band-aid over the real issues. Band-Aids peel off; I get part of reasoning is employment, which is a sound reason, but a “Wall” won’t help. You know what would help; hire more people to control the border. How many permanent jobs will that create? Rotate the National Guard; that’s only a couple of solutions. There’s no way the Administration can say it’s a money issue because they’re asking Congress for $18 BILLION. Here’s a quote from a reporter of The Guardian; (Gambino; Jan 2018) “Donald Trump insisted on Saturday that Mexico would pay for a wall along the southern US border, one day after his administration asked Congress for $18bn over the next decade to start construction on the barrier.”(Gambino 2018) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-claims-mexico-will-pay-for-wall-–-day-after-seeking-dollar18bn-from-congress/ar-BBHWDvQ?ocid=spartandhp
It was our countries idea, that takes balls.

What does that say about our current Administration or even the future of America? The welcome mat is being taken away by greed and power. The Administration’s pushing an ideology that will create a moral panic. A country that lives behind a wall will falter, eventually. What happened to The Great Wall of China, or look what’s going on in North Korea, but I don’t need to tell anyone about North Korea. I know that these may be extreme examples, but we need to take a look at what could happen our future mentality of our country. What will be the effective outcome? There is more negative than positive, you don’t need to be Nostradamus, even I can see that. Relationships with our neighbors are being effected even while I write, and damage control will eventually need to be done.
I will give this Administration some credit for thinking of the American people, but who is actually going to gain from this so-called Wall. A Wall represents more than keeping people out of America, it’s a symbol of thought. I remember growing up and teachers would ask students, including myself; What would you do if you were President? Most of us would answer, work on world peace. A wall doesn’t represent a step toward peace, It represents isolation, even if it’s just a partial wall. If we take a look toward the future on making the world a safer place, it should start with the equality in our own country for all human beings; and help the younger generations strive for a better America. If you’re comparing greatness to America’s past, then this Administration is blinded by their own self-interests, and I definitely question the ideology of our “Leaders”. Your idea of greatness is oppression of minorities, rich getting richer, while the lower class and middle class keep getting poorer. The past leads up to now, if I’m not mistaken. If the past was so great, why is everyone trying to make the future better. Doesn’t that mean the past is what caused an epidemic of homelessness? I can continue with our “Leaders” meaning of “Again”. How about racism, inequality for women, minimum wage…etc. All of those issues still exist in our country today. Our “leaders” want to blame Immigrants for our countries problems, their the ones that are running our government, not the Immigrants; How about this idea, instead of dumping $18bn into a wall.  How about the leadership stepping up and stop scapegoating, and take a long hard look at what’s at fault for some of America’s issues. There are other ways to deal with illegal immigration, but the ones that are here legally shouldn’t suffer.


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