Bad Rep

Damaged Good’s is what some people in society think when they see or hear about someone who goes through a traumatic experience. A stigma created by the blind perfectionist. Someone or something (social system) that feel labels should be stamped on the foreheads and backs of other human beings.

I decided to look up the word damage in the dictionary just to see how other people can interpret that a human being can be placed in a category of this nature. I always interpreted this word describing material’s, not people. The definition in multiple dictionaries vary, but the interpretation of the word labels a person in this category because of reputation. The definition says a person needs to be physically or emotionally harmed to be labeled as damaged. It doesn’t say to what extreme, so according to Merriam-Webster we’re all damaged. Are children hearing this in schools? If they are, what fears are they feeling? Are they judging themselves, because this is the way mainstream society views them?  That’s why I’m writing this piece.

I bring this subject up because of the hypocrisy in people. If you have been hurt, the dictionary says your damaged. To the perfectionist, and anyone else who feel’s this way about victim’s, it’s time to grow up. I’m a combat veteran who’s been on four deployments, so I already know how some people feel in our society about veterans. Those men and women that place stigmas on an individual may want to do some research and then maybe do some soul-searching. Just some advice to the ignorant. Should ignorance be a stigma, if it is place yourself in that category.

This part is for all of us that have been wrongfully labeled by people in society. We all went through something that changed our lives in some form or another. Shitty things happen in life and we may never find the answers. I understand.  There are plenty of places in life where I’ve been stuck, and it still continues to trip me up from time to time. These are the events that shape us and haunt us at the same time. What I do with those feelings of anger, despair, and emptiness won’t define the soul, it will shape it. For those that feel alone in life because of an experience or mental illness. You’re not alone. If you need to talk and don’t know where to start. You can start with me.

(photo by Jason Hahn)


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