Lady Liberty vs Trump Taj Ma”Wall”

Lady Liberty, a symbol that invites all people of all ethnicities to have a chance to make their lives better, but since the ideology of today’s political figures leaves our Lady dredging around in the run-off waste of old school ideas.

She’s been struggling to break free from the false illusion of liberty that’s been at her back for years. The screams of protests ravage the land, echoing from California, bouncing off the “walls” of our border to the ears of Liberty. The sound of the masses breaths life back into our guardian and hostess. The sounds of discontent bring an uneasiness that makes her squirm for her own freedom. ” I’m here to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity!” spoken with frustration and power. She feeds off the cries of people who have been treated unjustly. Breaking free from the sludge of fallacies of our so-called protectors of human rights. When Liberty turns and faces the front door of democracy, a tweet of endorsement for an alleged sex offender travels the world. An unleashed, enraged Lady makes her way to the mainland using her torch to see the darkness that engulphed the land of the free. A tear slowly hugs the face of freedom when she steps into New York. The tear of sadness, anger, and sympathy fall onto the city attempting to cleanse her home of corruption, but the virus has spread throughout the land, poisoning the melting pot. She begins to skim the grimy film, and the faster she skims, the faster the film returns. Sickened by the stench of deceit, she makes her way down to the southern border, shedding light on the disrespect that people with power are showing the men and women of this great nation. A nation that deserves better.

Justice may be blind, but Lady Liberty is ashamed, what she represents is being taken away a little at a time. She gracefully walks to the American-Mexican border waiting to knock down the contradicting symbol the wall has on the ideology she stands by. There are much better ways for our country to protect our borders, a band-wall isn’t one of them.

Stay United.


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