Scratching my Skull

Living in the past is something we may do from time to time, some may live there longer than others. When we live in our memories; that can enhance peace of mind, happiness, and an escape from the head scratching events that are going on in today’s society. I’d like to think we’re at a crossroads that could be historical, a turning point in the ideology of our country. Do we want progress? Then I read the news, and I see headlines like this from The Washington Post; “CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity” (Sun,Eilperin 2017);

All I can do is smack my face with my hand, What is going on? The article mentioned above is just a reinforcement of the times. This may seem trivial to a person who believes they have all their rights/needs met from society, this is for the person who sees their individual rights being taken away, piece by piece. This is an issue of speech. The banning of words is a collective issue that should be taken case by case. The context is something that needs to be looked at closely. There are numerous ways to look at the rhetorical, and every one has their own perspective. Their own way of looking and interpreting it in ways to help with the understanding.

What if we take a step back and take a look at some of these words that have been banned? Fetus; I took a little bit of biology, so I’m no expert. I looked it up just in case anyone wants to challenge these two examples; embryo or developing infant. What’s offensive or against the law in using the term “Fetus”? I can go much further into the definition, but I don’t want to waste your time. Another word that was banned is “Diversity”, lets look at this one for a moment. This could be controversial, of course it depends on the context. If you’re not familiar with this word, this is a broad term. It has varying definitions, something that can easily be taken out of context. Here are some synonyms from Merriam-Webster(2017); “assortment, variety”, it’s a broad definition. Let’s take a quick look at context. If the CDC is apart of public health, then these words should be used in the medical context. Where is the offense or misinterpretation? If you know, please feel free to send me a message.

What would I be if I didn’t look at the other side, which wasn’t in the article. Lets look at a couple of other words; Transgender, is that to broad of a term? What about “vulnerable”? Here are a couple of synonyms of the banned word vulnerable;  “endangered, sensitive”.  (Miriam-Webster 2017). Are these the adjectives the administration are looking for in the reports? I don’t know. I can ask questions, but the decision to ban these words was on the Trump administration, so Why? What’s the goal?

What I do know is that I will keep an eye on this issue, and

Thank you



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