Bloodshot Tears

A red dust storm stops in my path, building energy. 

The dry heat leaves me clammy. Sand and dust sticking to my body.

Another miserable day. No signs of life visible for miles, and distance is deceitful.

There’s an eeriness to this storm.

A horrifying screech rips through, piercing my ears.


An explosion shakes the world, cracking it like an egg.

Knocking me right on my ass. Life flashes, this time it’s blackness. Alive or Dead? Uncertainty of my life and humanity.

I feel a warm liquid run down the side of my face

Misery settles back in, and I search for the direction of that scream.

Deafened by the blast, a shattered compass once connected to the world, fucking broken.

No sun either. Mother nature is a bitch sometimes.

Lost. A downward spiral, mixed with guilt, anger, and shame. “GAS.”

Toxic poison fills the soul,  suffocation of the spirit. Stripped my faith, allowing the darkness to blanket my heart. A spiritual death.

A tear drop fills my bloodshot eyes and makes it home.

Swallowed by underwater perception of sadness.

Shackled to history with bloodshed chains.

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