The Lure of the Devil

Dead walls dreary,

No sun shines,  darkness with no life,

Pulse beat weakened, shallow breaths

A crawling tug of dominance, spiral winds come pouring in,

Severed by my presence.

A spirit’s chill runs down my spine when it passes by,

Outstretched hand grabbed my arm,

Restrained by the cold grip of a ghost.

Whitened stripe ran down my back, With it came some thunder.

It was dark and deep, echo sound, Must’ve been hung over!

My knees buckled.

“Now turn and walk!  You S.O.B!  I’m here to win you over.”

Eyes arise, terrified, A shining light to my surprise.

Oh Shit, I think I died

Focused vision, I soon felt lost

Headed to astray. Well, that’s confusing! What’s this journey?

A Supernatural devils beauty? Heart is pure. It’s in her name.

An oxymoron, just the same.

Sandy blonde, curves constructed, calculated destine!

Tannish flesh, redolence scent, crystal blue eyes melt my heart .

Temptation rendered, stole my breath

I believe her name was Innocence.

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