Glass Eyes of Fire

I know how it feels to be judged from a glance.

Searing eyes, furrowed brow of uncertainty.

A mind of another, their view through you.

Contempt in my future if I speak out of line?


Red flashed from my eyes disorienting true north

You saw that flame ignite, but I put it out real quick.

When that blinding light faded, our eyes met once more

There was a different glance that second time, this time unsure.

His face dropped, eyes grew wide. Uncertain of himself.

My anger distinguished by tears of pity, a feeling that’s been common.


The same faceless person with strings attached. A puppet master scorned.

Is the reaction you got, the one you were expecting? I will give you one right now.

Your glass eyes don’t hurt me. Remember your playing with fire.

And the composition of your glass is flimsy with vile.

Be careful when your mind unravels, exposing what’s not yours.


Don’t fear the shame, your thoughts will jello, shake your whole foundation

When it does I hope you’re ready because the feelings won’t be so mellow.

I could have challenged you, but I didn’t, because I don’t accept your charges!

By the time you figure it all out, News Flash!


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