Walls: The New American Symbol?

Walls were meant to be broken. Just look at history. A way of bringing control and false hope to the people all over the world. What’s the real intention? Is this the symbol we want to portray in history? The Melting Pot of the world will become obsolete. Why don’t you just float Lady Liberty into the ocean. I am an American and proud.

If that wall goes up, make it look like a band aid. Corrosive ideas will be the mortar, reminding us of a darkened time our country is facing. Eventually the elements that make up this great country will bring it down. Maybe you’re underestimating the American people, our freedom wasn’t given to us, and it definitely won’t be taken, not by the people who are suppose to look out for all Americans. What does this say about you? Are you an American? The welcome mat is being taken away by greed and power. A country that lives behind a wall will falter. When we come together, nothing can stop us. Protect your Freedom.

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