United We Stand

Unity can be the most powerful tool for change. We are not perfect, the fear of admitting mistakes steers the eyes into a false sense of security. Lies can easily take over and before you know it, we’re stuck in the center of madness. Some of us thrust ourselves into that madness, some step back and don’t get involved. There are events that are unfolding, and will affect our world in ways seen and unseen. Issues that will cause your children’s children to try to change, hopefully for the better. All living creatures deserve to live freely, a choice that Americans didn’t have not so long ago. In my life taking steps back is apart of moving forward, but that is on the personal growth. When someone else is in control of your future who’s intentions are not so humane, but when you agree with only one of their promises because of frustration everything else that’s said gets lost. The political turmoil will get worse before it gets better, but that seems to be the case throughout history.

I’m one person who doesn’t like the direction our world is shifting towards, I fought for our country because I am willing to die for what I believe. Although my views didn’t line up with the reasons of others. My reasons were genuine. ┬áSome folks say that I’m taking life to serious, but these are the people who don’t care about the treatment of other human beings. Changing an ideology starts with me, just like it starts with you. I know this world will always have problems, and I accept that, but I don’t have to accept the problem. Being steamrolled is not an option.

Everyone is entitled to freedom and to live their lives as they see fit. Just because I was a soldier doesn’t mean I agree with violence, because I don’t. Communication with flexibility goes a long way.


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