“Peek A Boo” Information?

Peek a Boo, There are reasons why I don’t remember enjoying this game when I was a child. It’s a pretty popular game for children under, now I’m just guessing the age. One? I’m sure no matter who played the game with me it was fun. When my age increased, just a nice way of saying older, the game only became fun in certain situations and with certain people. Of course the outcome would be positive Most of these childhood games dissolve as we begin to understand life and other people. Another reason why I don’t like when others play that game with me now is it’s insulting. Not only to me, but to you, especially when you peek. It seems as if you get stuck in that position, showing yourself much longer than you intend. So the Boo is no surprise. Frustration or boredom is bound to settle in because; 1) The game is old and I already know the outcome; 2) We are on two different pages, you think I’m someone I’m not, a child.

I may enjoy some childhood games but this game is for occupying the time of a child, a distraction. When the person playing the game is the distraction, all eyes are on them under the microscope. This game has been going on for years, so boredom turned into frustration because playing with people’s lives isn’t a game. Are we taking leaps back, instead of steps forward? That’s for each person to decide with the information shown, or not shown.


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