Accountability or Apathy?

Awareness has been critical for survival overseas. In order to see the bigger picture, the smaller pieces have to be found. Some pieces will be hidden, so don’t be discouraged. Where are these hidden pieces of the puzzle? They can even be in plain sight. I only used my previous entry about recording a greeting because it skips an important step in human interaction. A simple task, Right? That’s how it starts. Slowly take away the simple things in life, hopefully no one will notice. That’s part of how a society gets shaped Take away the initial greeting, you’re contributing to apathy!

These type of issues may not be a big deal to some, which is fine for you. My outlook is bleak. It can lead to a habit this world may not be ready for, if we look, subtle apathy has already made a home for itself. Keeping quiet isn’t an option, this is our world. Issues may not get resolved, the question I ask is this, “Am I willing to allow others to strip away human compassion because of their selfish motives or ignorance?” I would rather get some generic “Hello” or “How are you?” than ┬ásome crappy recording. We are taking growth away from our youth. Blame always seem to be placed on the parents. The reality is we’re a society, it falls on all of us, Accountability comes at cost, but the reward can be so much greater.



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