A Recorded Hello?

Is fast food getting lazier or Have I been overseas for to long? I will not name any names because you already know who you are. There are recordings that greet you now, all that I can say is,” WOW!” A trick. Not very funny. Before anyone thinks I’m complaining, All I ask is for is a moment. We have cut out a greeting to another human being. What next? How hard is it to say, Hello, Welcome to so and so…Can I? How about a real hello from a “Real Person?” There a plenty of quality things  recordings might be good for, cutting out a greeting shouldn’t be one of them. I can go on for pages, but I won’t. Way to teach human contact with people and showing a different low of the all mighty dollar. I should just get a phone app that says Hello for me also. Maybe I’m to sensitive or Maybe not? Are you paying people by the word? There are foreseeable issues with that kind of ethic. That’s all I’m going to write for now, Hope you enjoy the day.


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