A Cardinal in the Storm

A storm engulfs this mighty land,

Leaving nothing shown,

Standing with my vision obscured,

And no where left to turn,

The stirring of an oddly sound,

Left me in a trance,

The sound of wings, the thought occurred

“Where are all the plants?”

If somethings out there, in this wretched place

“I hope it’s very friendly”

Through these clouds of fog, a flash of red.

a fire in the night.

A Cardinal fly’s, it caught my eye and landed on a fence.

A fence is here? I didn’t see it, this Cardinal has good sense.

I must retreat, find a place! Something has to give!

The Cardinals beaming feathers started taking flight.

It led me to a hilltop, no narrow than a creek.

Landed on a broken branch,”I wonder where I had landed!”

I gazed abroad, looked around, the fog was still in place.

Turning! Thinking, what just happened?

The Cardinal took me home!



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