Fallen Tree

Chance? I was doing some thinking about this broad topic, and the goal was to narrow it down just for now. I just wanted to narrow it to the All or Nothing scenario. I understand that there would’ve been many variable that threw off the course of time. I’ll just look at the one unknown-variable at the moment.

Wondering about stepping on a land mine doesn’t come natural to people, unless you’re doing it for some time. Thinking if this your last step, heightened awareness, taking everything in the world has to offer is automatic.

I decided to take a ride, and get some sweet tea, get some humid air. On my way home traffic began to slow down, almost to a stop. It felt like a really old carnival ride, that gives you whiplash. My turn is coming up, it was tough to see from my current place in the line. There was an incline, a house sitting on a corner, and a slight bend in the road. We began to creep, people began to appear, and a noticed just at the right angle, the top of a tree. I began to roll, just where the road begins to flatten. This tree was at least 50 feet, covering half the road. Thankfully there was no one in the path of the fallen tree. What if there was someone? What if it was you?



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